Das erste internationale

Expertensymposium im 3D Bereich.

3D-Symposium 2012 3D-Festival 2011
Prof. Ludger Pfanz

As the last point of BEYOND, Prof. Ludger Pfanz is going to summarize the results of the symposium and will give an outlook on the future of BEYOND festival and symposium, on the 3D habitat Karlsruhe and developments in science, art and technics.

Thereby, the outlines of a new work area are getting visible: futuredesign.

Curriculum Vitae

While the demand of 3D content for cinemas and broadcasters increases, there is no realwriting training for this specific space-oriented content that a stereoscopic film production offers. At the moment, we only see films in 2D with 3D effects mostly just for its own sake and predominantly for the emotional intensification of the viewing experience. Often considered as a new art form, they are only hybrids of 2D and 3D films with respect to the storytelling and aren't fully using the high potential of the dramaturgical possibilities that lie in 3D storytelling.

Prof. Pfanz developed a script theory, specially designed for developing and using the best possible approach to a stereoscopically produced story. His central idea is to approach the story to be told on a stage rather than being told in flat images. From this perspective you are able to architecture your conflict within the whole three- dimensional space. The tension can be created also within vertical, horizontal and parallax coordinates in addition to the traditional linear-timeline storytelling.

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