Das erste internationale

Expertensymposium im 3D Bereich.

3D-Symposium 2012 3D-Festival 2011
Implementation of stereoscopic techniques
Guido Lukoschek

Guido Lukoschek is head of Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg’s international office since 2008, co-ordinating the school’s major collaborations on levels both national and international. Also, he works as a lecturer for film analysis and film history at

After completing his degree in film studies in 2005 (Mainz University/Germany and Zurich University/Switzerland), he worked with film festivals, including Sundance FF and Munich FF, as well as a film critic.

Before his current position, Guido worked with ZDF’s first-feature department, „Das kleine Fernsehspiel“, as editor of creative content, and from 2006 – 2008 as head of public relations. Also, Guido is appointed executive at German movie rating council FSK, and a passionate trumpet player.