Das erste internationale

Expertensymposium im 3D Bereich.

3D-Symposium 2012 3D-Festival 2011
High Resolution & High Framerates
Stefan Albertz

The new wake of 3D, startet with “Avatar”, it’s many follow-up 3D blockbusters and such rare gems like “Pina” have brought the stereoscopic cinema back to a life which it has never lived before. Today, we’re in a consolidation phase of the format where many talk about the need for more efficient production and others about the dawn of a new artform. Space instead of flatness in front of the audience offers so much more playground than just things in front and things in the back. And directors, experts and newcomers alike, explore and discover that new space as part of their cinematographical and dramaturgical language. But this language currently stutters and flickers.

The cinema that we´ve been used to for decades doesn’t hold up for the full 3D experience. Fast movement on the silverscreen always had it’s problems but it now competes the human perception at a new level called depth – and stumbles. The director´s palette for color, lightness and shadow is huge, but lacks of fine nuances for depth. Movement is caged by the frame rate, depth graduation by the image resolution and so voices raise for technological advance now driven by the need of the artists.

Stefan Albertz , Product Manager for Postproduction and Stereoscopy at DVS Digital Video Systems, explores in his lecture the reasons for the next technological evolution and points out the obstacles and solutions on the way to high frame rates and high resolutions.

Curriculum Vitae

After studying Media Techniques and Virtual Reality at the university Düsseldorf, Stefan Albertz was 3D Graphic artist, as well as Stereoscopic Consultant at Pictorion Das Werk, Düsseldorf. Since 2011, he is Product Manager at DVS Digital Video Systems.