Das erste internationale

Expertensymposium im 3D Bereich.

3D-Symposium 2012 3D-Festival 2011
„3D on the Internet“ with TRIVIDO.com
Andreas Baumgart

Which benefits do 3D Productions have?

3D Content, live or on demand will be produced more extensively in the future. Besides cinema-productions there exists a lot of applications and even requirements to illustrate three-dimensional scenes and present them worldwide. Customer needs exist in industry, marketing, documentation, research and development, education, archaeology, tourism, medicine, culture, sport, TV etc. The 3D-technology exists with different kind of systems at the market; shutter, polarisation or lenticular. There is a steady and consistent growth of viewers andconsequentially a growing demand on 3D content.

How can 3D content be presented with Trivido.com?

Trivido is a special internet platform, where 3D live-streams and 3D videos can be viewed and experienced worldwide in high-end quality. Trivido offers the possibility to view 3D content easy and affordable. Trivido works with 2D monitors with red-cyan-glasses and with all 3D systems. An implemented cloud-architecture for 3D video-streaming scales automatically, depending on how many viewers are watching.

TRIVIDO.com offers a new dynamic on the market, making S3D-content the standard for the future.

The 3D-Symposium BEYOND will be available live on the internet at TRIVIDO.com.

Curriculum Vitae

Andreas Baumgart has been involved in the development and the construction of stereoscopic recording- and playback systems since 1994. In the year 1999 he presented the first 3D “home box”, which transformed a standard TV signal (based on a stereoscopic interlaced 3D video) into a 100 or 120 Hz RGB signal and transmitted a synchronous stroke for LCD Shutter glasses.

In the year 2008 he constructed an auto-stereoscopic (3D without glasses) kiosk- system for the company Visumotion.

Since 2010 he started to work together with the company MediLive in their department Invistra, and they develop high-end recording-, playback-, and streaming systems for stereoscopic 3D-HD videos. Based on a longterm experience, the result was a professional multi-converter that is being presented in this years BEYOND Symposium. In cooperation with Invistra and the KIT Karlsruhe he is working on the new internet platform trivido.com since 2011, that aims to make it possible to stream live, to save and to playback stereoscopic content within a scalable cloud- structure. Trivido.com is going to be presented to the public for the first time during BEYOND Symposium.