Das erste internationale

Expertensymposium im 3D Bereich.

3D-Symposium 2012 3D-Festival 2011
Projection Mapping
Thorsten Bauer

Projection Mapping - precisely fitting projections on objects – is a media-technical form of design that just recently has encountered the digital creative world. URBANSCREEN, as one of the early groups to start in that field is considered one of the pioneers of this new art form. The overlay of real objects with a virtual layer implicates unexpected artistic and narrative challenges. Both narrative and artistic traditional forms simply do not work for this discipline any longer. A new dramaturgic and aesthetic form of language needs to be conceived. Hereby URBANSCREEN is oriented towards stage-arts
rather than to cinematic thinking. The challenges of this specific digital spatial-narration remind of challenges that contemporary 3D cinema is currently being confronted with.
Thorsten Bauer suspects a causal link here. In his talk he introduces several URBANSCREEN projects and elucidates their creative approach. Secluding, understanding the phenomenon of cinematic spatial narration in surprisingly different terms, resulting of the sight of a „projectionist“, is attempted.

Curriculum Vitae

Thorsten Bauer is the Co-founder of URBANSCREEN GmbH & Co.KG and furthermore as managing creative director
responsible for the positioning of the company.
With a network of artists, architects and scenographers URBANSCREEN compiles medial concepts for staging the
public space.
The production is ensued internationally and convinces with its artistic approach.
That is being emphasized through international rewards as f.i the silver lion in cannes 2012 or the german light design
Price 2011.
Since 2008, URBANSCREEN acts a creative company by law and engages currently about 10 associates. Current
projects ar f.i Sydney Opera in Australia ( Premiere May 2012) and a private project in Houstin Texas (permiere Oct.