Das erste internationale

Expertensymposium im 3D Bereich.

3D-Symposium 2012 3D-Festival 2011
3D and Multidimensional Dreams
Prof. Vibeke Sorensen

Stereography catalyzed the development of mass media through wildly popular 3D postcards in the 1800s. People could travel the world in the anonymity of their living rooms and explore a new kind of “Cabinet of Wonders” at their fingertips, foreshadowing both television and the visual encyclopaedia of the World Wide Web. Soon after, stereoscopic zoetropes (pre-cinematic animation devices), or “stereotropes” were invented and attached to hats, anticipating stereoscopic animation and the Head-Mounted Display (HMD) of Virtual Reality. Pioneering animators in the 20th Century such as Oskar Fischinger and Len Lye explored the possibilities of sound and moving image media to produce “visual music” and invented what would become the “music video.” They added stereoscopy to non-objective (abstract) moving images and externalized interior spaces of the mind, making timeless works of art while providing insights into how the brain works to produce meaning and narrative from the interweaving of sense experience and memory. In the 1960s, Morton Heilig in his 3D Sensorama added smell and touch, after which other artists and scientists added electronics, computing and interaction. Now a common digital foundation synthesizes previously separate sense-based media, and the internet extends it to locations and cultures all over the world. Material and digital cultures are encountering each other in multidimensional “spaces” for the first time. Global cinema is now a cinema of the global community, and increasingly in 3D. What are some of the challenges of this complex, emergent medium? This talk will present a selection of pioneering works by visionary artists of the past and present, and discuss some of the potentialities and limitations of 3D as an expanding cinematic form.

Curriculum Vitae

Dorrit Vibeke Sorensen is Professor and Chair, School of Art, Design and Media, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2009-present)