Das erste internationale

Expertensymposium im 3D Bereich.

3D-Symposium 2012 3D-Festival 2011
Ambiguity Tolerance – Diversity In Balance
Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Jivka Ovtcharova

Perception And Communication in Virtual Worlds

Cyberspace, web-culture and social networks change our world from scratch. With all we can observe a trend fromward the internet of things towards a internet of the senses making us unequally more inhabitants and administors of virtual worlds.
Along with these trends at the same time we are facing more challanges to the people of near future, that are historically without example. Our existence and identity gets more complex and fluid at the age of cyberspace. Opinions, demands and views get through to our ear, we are ceaselessly exposed to the noise, the din, to the voices that want to get our voice.

How we relate to this is what we understand as ambiguity tolerance. Underlying a simple, but decisive question: How tolerant, skillfull and resilient are we in digesting multivoicedness, inconsistency and contradictive expectations? How can we orient ourselves in hypercomplex and chaotic future spaces?
People with high ambiguity tolerance are also able to accept deviations of usual normality and unexpected reactions as well as actions in new, unstructured and hardly controlable situations, instead of perceiving then as a threat.

Ambiguity tolernace: one of the central mental future requirements.