Das erste internationale

Expertensymposium im 3D Bereich.

3D-Symposium 2012 3D-Festival 2011

New Speaker for sunday!

Dr. Vesna Petresin Robert will be additional speaker on Sunday, 24th July. She will talk about "Immersion as Embodied Illusion".


The Film well_bleche is going to be shown at 3D-Symposium BEYOND!

well_bleche is a bourgeois tragedy about young European adults in the early 21st century. The relationship between Johannes and Katharina has gotten to a decisive point: He seeks freedom whereas she wants to move in with him. She writes her thesis while he does not plan ahead of tomorrow. At this point Johannes meets Eline. She is young and enjoys life – with her even cleaning becomes fun. But is this yet another of Johannes’ dreams or will Eline follow him - and what about Katharina?


LIVE Übertragung des Symposiums

The 3D-Symposium BEYOND is also going to be available on the move. Visit Trivido.com, an Invistra plattform, and watch selected lectures online in 2D and 3D.


BEYOND Award Education

Max Hemmo´s international researchproject "s3DNOW!" is a role model for the interdisciplinary cooperative work of business, research and teaching.
In this ambitious project, relevant answers to the current challenges in both technical and asthetic developments of stereoscopic film productions are being transmitted.
Especially the combination of english publications along with a 3D Blue-ray providing practical and theoretical final papers developed in Film and Television University"Konrad Wolf" should be emphasised.
We are happy to reward project manager Max Hemmo and Andreas Westphal, who is 3D Producer and Author of Bookproject "s3DNOW!" for their achievement and Engagement with the BEYOND Education Award.

Wim Wenders confirmed his participation!

Wim Wenders confirmed his participation at 3D-Symposium BEYOND. He will talk together with Erwin Schmidt about their project "If buildings could talk", as well as give a deep insight into his film "Pina".


MFG fördert das 3D-Symposium BEYOND

This year, 3D-Symposium BEYOND will be supported again by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg. This financial support helps to enable a great range of evening events.


Freier Eintritt ins ZKM

Good news: All participants of the symposium have free admission to the Center for Art and Media Technology.


BEYOND 3D-Afterparty

HfG Karlsruhe (Lichthof 4)

Entrance: 5€ (special conditions for visitors of symposium)

In cooperation with art and culture plattform Kavantgarde, 3D symposium BEYOND will host a multimedial special event in “Lichthof 4” of University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe.
DJ sets and concerts underlied by spatial light- and videoinstallations are being planned.
A multiple channel- spaceinstallation by Thorsten Schwanninger is going to introduce the evening, which is being accompanied by music collective “The Himmlisch Kind”.
After that, the collective “Günther Lause” is going to tune up for our parisian guests by showcasing their compositions of minimal, technoid structures – where after the Band “Caandides” are presenting their own creation of electroacustic postrock and folktronica.
Last but not least, “Sous-Terrain Schamanen“ and Hendrik Vogel will spin some deep house and techno records on the tables.
The light and videoinstallation of Thorsten Schwanninger is going to turn HFG´s architecture into a huge illuminating quader that moves in the rhythm of the beat.
We are looking forward to an evening with special guests from Paris and Karlsruhe and a spectacular lightshow that is not that easy to forget!

Why don´t you join us?


21 Uhr | Thorsten Schwanninger | Klanginstallation | Industrial Ambient Noise

22 Uhr | The Himmlisch Kind (ichiigai.net) | Live Performance | Ambient Noise

23 Uhr | Günther Lause | Live Performance | Minimal Techno

00 Uhr | Caandides | Live Performance | Electronic Post Rock

01 Uhr | Hendrik Vogel | DJ | Deep House, Techno

03 Uhr | Sous-Terrain Schamanen | DJ | Deep House, Disco

CAANDIDES (Paris / Indie-Post-Electronica)

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Award ceremony at the gala evening

In the course of 3D Symposium BEYOND, on June 22th 2012 a Opening gala is going to take place in the Foyer of Center of Art and Media (ZKM) Karlsruhe beginning from 7 pm.

On that evening Prof. Luder Pfanz is going to be honoured with the Prize "365 Spaces in the Land of Ideas" of the german government after a opening speech. Further down the line, you are being welcome to join a buffett, aswell as to a thrilling exchange of ideas with all of our guests. Musical accompaniment is going to round off the evening.

You can assure your participation at our gala evening for a contricution of 25€. We recommend registering on time!

We are happy to welcome you to this special event!

We reserve the right of modifications.


BEYOND Symposium 2012 wins Award

The upcoming BEYOND Symposim 2012 has been appointed as one elected location of GERMANY - COUNTRY OF IDEAS. The Initiative Deutschland - Land der Ideen honours pioneering ideas and projects, that make the range of ideas and power of innovation in Germany come alive.